It Was a Lovely Day

Please note: Yes, I am refer­ring to today, the 12th, which is my birth­day. Those close to me know that I gen­er­al­ly hate my birth­day, as it’s a reminder of mul­ti­ple mis­car­riages and oth­er nasty things hap­pen­ing around this time sev­er­al years in a row.

Sam and Katie man­aged to make #41 very nice, though. 

Quotable Mug With Osho QuoteSam and I went out Sat­ur­day evening to Barnes & Noble, but I just could­n’t make a deci­sion. So many choic­es! We went over to Out­Write, too, which is always fun. I saw lots of adorable trin­kets there, and plen­ty of inter­est­ing read­ing and lis­ten­ing mate­r­i­al, but still could­n’t make a choice. I real­ly liked this mug, and it felt great in my hand, but I could­n’t find out if it’s microwave safe. (My favorite cof­fee cup was bro­ken recent­ly, a vic­tim of my unre­li­able grip. Thank you, fibro/arthritis/CMP!) Have any of you tried a Quotable mug? How did it hold up?

Oh! On the way home, we start­ed to dri­ve past Krispy Kreme and Sam had a sud­den need for donuts, so we popped in there to sat­is­fy that. I’ve nev­er done the dri­ve-through there before, but things were real­ly crowd­ed in the store. The car line was long, too, but we had the advan­tage of pri­va­cy and good com­pa­ny while wait­ing in it.

We enjoyed being out, but I came home with­out hav­ing cho­sen any­thing but donut fill­ings. Sam threat­ened to pick for me if I did­n’t make a choice on Sun­day. I have a lot of trou­ble spend­ing any mon­ey on myself, or ask­ing for presents, and he thought that’s why I had­n’t cho­sen anything.

So we went out again on Sunday—leaving the house two days in a row is very unusu­al for me any­more! I had final­ly decid­ed on exact­ly what I want­ed, and we tried to go get it, but found the place closed for Vet­er­an’s Day. My man insist­ed on tak­ing me to Bor­ders and buy­ing Kim Har­rison’s A Few Demons More, promis­ing that we’d also go to The Place again on Mon­day. Then he took me to Steak & Shake for din­ner because when I saw the sign I had a seri­ous crav­ing for their mush­room-swiss burg­er. (Don’t both­er with the new Por­to­bel­lo mush­room burg­er, as you get far few­er mush­rooms that way!)

Katie and I (she’s home from school, sick) had a very nice, low-key day Mon­day, and Sam and I set out again after he got home. This time, success!

I asked for some­thing that prob­a­bly seems odd to most people—a non-res­i­dent library card so I can access the best library sys­tem in Geor­gia, Gwin­nett Coun­ty Pub­lic Libraries. But I’d checked, and they have 95% of the books I’m real­ly want­i­ng to read, and past expe­ri­ence says they’ll con­tin­ue to car­ry the fan­ta­sy and sci­ence fic­tion I love. They have a far bet­ter selec­tion of every­thing than Dekalb, where we live. (Okay, Gwin­nett has stopped car­ry­ing music CDs, because so many went miss­ing. Big deal.)

I want­ed the card instead of a few books because this way I can read all of them! And, in fact, we came home with nine books that have all been on my wish list for some time and two or three graph­ic nov­els for Sam.

Now I have a whole pile of new-to-me books, and A Few Demons More! They’re all way too tempt­ing to a girl who still has home­work to do, includ­ing a SWOT analy­sis that’s due for my man­age­ment class this week.

Thanks to all of you for the birth­day wish­es via Face­book, email, Twit­ter, LJ, etc. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “It Was a Lovely Day

  1. I’m so glad you had a good birthday 🙂

    And I total­ly under­stand the desire for a good library card. My local library has spoiled me delightfully.

  2. Not only do we have awe­some libraries, but ours right down the road from our house is only a year old and has tons and tons and tons of great audio­books. They also car­ry all the man­ga Spidey could ever want to read, have an awe­some read­ing room with stuffed ani­mals for Boo, and every com­put­er game a kid could want. We loves it.

  3. Pre­cious, at first I thought you were talk­ing about Wack­yville, then I remem­bered where you now! 🙂

    Thanks, Shirlee & Hope!

    Since I was tiny, I’ve dreamed about liv­ing close enough to a good library to walk to it. We’re close enough for Sam or Katie to walk to a branch now, but it isn’t a good one. If we don’t move to where we want next year, maybe I’ll recon­sid­er life in the ‘burbs with bet­ter libraries.

  4. Hap­py Birthday!

    You can’t do inter­li­brary loan thru your local library? I get a lot of good stuff that way.

  5. I was the Queen of Inter­li­brary Loans when using oth­er library sys­tems, but this coun­ty makes it damned near impos­si­ble to place them. I inter­act with the library almost entire­ly online, since I’m essen­tial­ly home­bound, and Sam picks up and returns books for me. They won’t set up a way to do the requests with­out going to the branch and painful­ly spelling out each field of the request slip to a clerk. (I can’t believe those peo­ple are librar­i­ans. I refuse to con­sid­er it.) You can’t request any­thing less than a year old (the bet­ter library has a 6‑month age lim­it), and the few requests I’ve sub­mit­ted have just dis­ap­peared into the ether. When I try to fol­low them up, I’m told they don’t track them. I real­ly think they throw them away.

    There is a library sys­tem that most of the state’s libraries are part of, PINES, and it’s pret­ty darned good. None of the major metro Atlanta coun­ty sys­tems par­tic­i­pate, though. They appar­ent­ly see it as sub­si­diz­ing small­er sys­tems, even when their own sucks rocks.

    We were clos­er to a PINES branch than to any­thing else in our pri­or home, out in the exurbs, so I used them a lot. They expect­ed most things to be done online, since their patrons are all over the state. It was wonderful!

    I’m not TOO far from that PINES branch when I go see the pain doc­tor each month, but since Sam is already tak­ing time off work to dri­ve me there, I feel guilty about ask­ing him to make a library stop, too.

  6. My cur­rent pub­lic library is the first I’ve known to offer ILL ser­vice. A cou­ple oth­er NC libraries do it, but I think they might charge for it.

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