I probably shouldn’t post, as I’m not sure I’m very coherent. But hey, it’s my journal. And you can mock me if I’m unintelligible.

Somehow, today got really overscheduled. We left here at 9am, picked up the altered dance costumes, then met the cleaners at ridinrabbit‘s house. (She’s at work during the day, so I go let them in when she has the place cleaned). Next up was an orthodontist visit for the girl.

Then we dashed across town, got to the dance specialty place for a vital bit of underpinning needed before the 6:30 dance pictures. Next up was a trip to Three-13 for a make-up application. The girl is learning to do make-up, but things are different for photos and I didn’t feel up to doing it.

We ran to Target to get yet another final bit of costuming, and on to the actual pictures. I needed to get to two doctors’ offices to pick up paperwork but didn’t make it before 5.

I realize that this doesn’t sound like much unless you know Atlanta. From here to ridinrabbit‘s place is 32 miles. It’s about 20 miles from her place to the orthodontist’s office. From there to the dance supply store, another 40 miles. Now, it’s only 6 miles from there to the salon, and just 15 from the salon to the next store. Then there are another 20 miles to the dance studio, and 12 miles back home.

And all 145 miles of it was in lovely Atlanta traffic. Okay, okay—coming back from the dance studio at 9 pm wasn’t terribly crowded, but there was traffic.

All that after not getting to sleep til almost 4 am. I was in bed, just couldn’t sleep.

I can’t really do 12 hour days. Or, I can obviously be awake that long, but I can’t handle 12 hours straight of go go go.

I got home and collapsed—couldn’t get warm, had a fever, was shaking, etc. My body goes into a mild form of shock that hits when I push myself too far, and I did that today.

Sam tucked me in and fed me, so now I’ve got the PC on for the first time today. Not for long, though. Hopefully, I can actually sleep tonight.

Don’t go feeling sorry for me, though. I got to spend most of 12 hours with one of my favorite people in the world. shadowkatt is good company.

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