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I have such a sweet wife! She’s building a potting center for me, with storage and all!

She also dug insane amounts of turf and Georgia red clay up this evening, preparing to plant roses. There are some azaleas in the ground out front now, too.

We have a neighbor who is very happy to have the sod, and who will be tilling for us again this year.

With being sick and all, the winter garden was badly neglected. Surprisingly, we’ve got some good Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and greens. There’s a little lavender, but it looks extremely wimpy so we’ll be planting more of it.

The surviving plants are all in the front sections, where some of them were shielded by glass windows left behind the storage shed by the previous owners of the property. I imagine we’ll be doing more of that sort of thing this coming winter.

There were strawberries in that box we received today, but they’re terribly unhappy. We’ll try to get them planted tomorrow and see if they make it. The packing slip says the kitchen mix was in there, but it isn’t. Pout.

We’re talking about extending the garden a bit, one more row to the side. With all the flowers we bought, we’ll need the space. Some stuff—including the potatoes—will be planted in the front. Might as well use all of the yards, and we’re certainly not going to put effort into raising grass.

We’re considering doing some raised beds, as well, which I’d really appreciate. One of my hips declined to cooperate this afternoon, sending me down in a heap—mostly on the bed, thank goodness. I’m walking with the stick again for now.

And after all that plant goodness today, sambear brought me fresh flowers! Then cooked an incredible steak dinner. He sauteed some sort of mushrooms he hasn’t used before (that I recall), and they were just the right touch with the meat. We had a nice spinach salad as well.

I’m blessed!

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