Trying to Go Back to Work Again

So this is the first part of what’s become my sorta-weekly update.

I went to meet a new team leader for the same company I worked for last fall. I thought they’d outsourced everything to India by now. One of their big clients vetoed that, though, so they kept some significant percentage of the work for them here. The job has changed, though, and part of it involves getting stuff ready for the Indians.

Yes, working will probably will screw up my disability claim, though I’m not feeling terribly optimistic about that anyway at the moment. “Failed work attempts” are anything less than 3 months, and they do show that I’m TRYING to get back to work. This job won’t last 3 months no matter what—it’s seasonal.

So we’ll see how it goes. They had to do the full round of paperwork and background checks again, which I find ridiculous. Then they refused to accept my expired passport for the I-9 form.

No, it isn’t that the INS has a problem with the expired passport. It’s “corporate” that won’t accept it. The INS is not only fine with it, but they don’t require a new I-9 when re-hiring someone who worked for the company within the last three years!

I cannot tell you how much it annoys me to hear people saying something like “corporate said” with the same unquestioning reverence that one might expect regarding pronouncements from a deity.

Anyway—I did finally find my Social Security card. The silly thing was filed away where it should have been. I just didn’t see it the first three times I looked there. So the I-9 stuff is all done.

And now I’m so annoyed with them that I don’t know that I want to have anything to do with them. They’ve already sucked up several hours of my time, unpaid, and much of my (in very short supply) patience.

I certainly have plenty of other things to do with my time. The money would be very helpful, though, especially with shadowkatt‘s birthday coming up, followed by Yule.

I’ll need to get an external keyboard for my laptop (had one, it stopped working this past week)—or, at the very least, a USB 10-key pad.

Last year, the paychecks took forever to arrive, and they were never as much as I figured they should have been. Piecework is a pain in the ass, in terms of figuring out what you’re being paid—especially when you don’t get any feedback on quality. Would it be so hard to say, “x of the y records you entered required correction, so you weren’t paid for them” each time?

On the other hand, it is work that I can do from home. And last year, I did manage to do it for a month or so. It did contribute to my inability to complete my coursework, though—yeah, those incompletes I’m still finishing. The work did lead to a serious flare.

I don’t know if being able to sit wherever I need/want to sit with the laptop will make enough of a difference to let me do the work and stay healthier this time.

No magic 8-balls at hand, either.

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