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Than­ks to pope­fe­lix for let­ting me know about this incred­i­ble group! They help peo­ple who fall through the cracks—like us. Many of us. Those who have too much income for most pub­lic assis­tance pro­grams, but who occa­sion­al­ly get hit with bills that could cause a cas­cade fail­ure in our lives. An unex­pect­ed vehi­cle repair, med­ical bill, bro­ken glass­es, etc. For instance, they paid for the bur­ial of a still­born baby for one family.

The num­ber of peo­ple they can help each month depends entire­ly on the dona­tions they’ve received. ALL of their records are open. You can see their finan­cial ledgers right there on their web­site, with requests and dona­tions. They don’t give the names of the peo­ple who have request­ed help, of course—they only iden­ti­fy them by location.

They need cash dona­tions, of course—and stocks! But they also need vol­un­teers, both for the group itself and oth­ers. They seek peo­ple who are will­ing to help folks in their local areas with what­ev­er skills they have. I promise, your skills ARE need­ed by someone.

You can also help them by donat­ing a por­tion of eBay pro­ceeds to them, or start­ing your online shop­ping at iGive. They accept dona­tions of CDs, DVDs and video games that they then sell on eBay, too.

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