The cat­nip spray is miss­ing. I fear Wiz­ard has hid­den it some­where for his per­son­al con­sump­tion. He’s already the cra­zi­est cat in the house! Cur­rent Mood: 🙁wor­ried

Poetry: The First Fruit Salad

Have I men­tioned how much I love hav­ing good poet­ry just appear in my email and LJ feeds each day? It is soul-sus­tain­ing. The First Fruit Sal­ad by Joanne Lim­burg from femenis­mo One June night she left her hus­band sleep­ing in the…

QOTD: Erica Jong

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You take your life in your own hands, and what hap­pens? A ter­ri­ble thing: no one to blame.  –Eri­ca Jong Cur­rent Mood: awake

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