It’s Already Tuesday Afternoon?

Three times today, SEMagic posted an entry in a community when I meant it for my personal journal or vice versa. It seems to be going to wherever I’d posted last, even when I check to be sure that I’ve selected the proper journal. Weird.

I have an admission to make: I’m feeling utterly incapable of even starting to calculate how much cable we need for this weekend. I have a lot of measurements, but I’m feeling overwhelmed. Help?

I don’t have any boxes yet. Maybe I can get Sam to try to collect some.

shadowkatt had her teeth cleaned this morning. I need to remember to call the insurer and ask if they cover more frequent cleanings for people in braces—it’s better to go every 6 months than 12 in that situation.

I haven’t checked the mailbox in weeks and weeks. I’m thinking of going down to pick Sam up from work and checking it then.

I am working on finishing the work for my TCOM 2020 class. I posted a request for help in techwriting if anyone is interested in taking a look.

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