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I took the Physical Attraction Test that theferrett suggested. I’m not going to put all the many results here, but it did tell me what I pretty much know: I’m attracted to bearlike men who are taller than me in the 25 to 45 age range. I like guys who “look smart” and aren’t necessarily considered mainstream attractive. I seem to have shown some preference for dark-haired men with dark eyes, but I don’t think they showed enough variety in coloring for that. They definitely didn’t have enough guys with long hair! It also thought that I didn’t like facial hair or bald heads at all, but that’s not so.

Anybody who looked at a photo gallery of my former loves would see that I am more than open to being involved with men who don’t fit that mold, but bears do catch my eye immediately every time 🙂

How You Compare?
Open: You have a more open and accepting view of what makes a man handsome than a lot of other women your age. In the test, you didn’t pick the most “popular” men but instead seemed to focus on your own personal tastes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that looks are less important to you than to other women. You simply have a unique set of criteria and keep your eyes open for special qualities that make a man, who may seem ordinary to most, extraordinary to you. See the pie chart below to see how many women fall into picky or open categories.

A man’s height is extremely important to some women. According to the choices you made in the test, you prefer to date men who are much taller than you are. In fact, you prefer men who are 4 inches or more taller.

You seem to like qualities often found in men some describe as “Bears.” They tend to be bigger guys, with full roundish or oval faces. Most have beards or some kind of facial hair. Typically, you can catch some chest hair peeking from under their shirts. Their nice smiles and warm expressions make them very approachable and so huggable! About half of all women (49%) say they find these men especially attractive. So, get in line!

Your Favorite Body Types
One body type that seems to appeal to you is scientifically called “Endomorph,” which roughly translates into solid, stocky guys. He has a thick, masculine build. Like defensive football players, his big bones, muscles, and overall mass give him a real “presence” in any room. His broad shoulders and big arms give great “bear hugs” and convey a sense of safety. This is not a guy to mess with. It’s easy for him to gain weight, which he carries in his stomach and butt typically. But you appreciate realistic-looking men and enjoy having something to hold on to. This type usually makes up 3% of single men and is more common as men get older. Telling signs of this body type include wide and curved jaws, round faces, “chubby cheeks,” a boyish look, a very short and wide neck, plus larger legs and butts. Weight varies, but at 5’10” many of these guys will weigh about 275 pounds.

Other Body Types You Like
Your choices suggest you also like what scientists call the “Meso-Endomorph,” body type. In other words, you like big, stocky guys. If he didn’t play defense in high school football, he was probably on the wrestling team. He has “big bones,” which you’ll notice in his wide shoulders and thick wrists. He has muscular shoulders, which are perfect for resting your head on, and big strong arms to wrap around you. He’s put on some extra pounds, but carries the weight well, primarily across his upper body. You’ll find 5% of singles have this basic body type. Watch for features like prominent square or roundish jaws, oval-shaped faces, big hands, wide waist, nice rounded butts, plus thick and relatively short necks. At about 5’10”, this type with this build tends to run about 250 pounds and can put on a few extra pounds relatively easily.

Unique Traits
This report highlights your “unique” tastes, or what makes some men personally attractive to you but not to everyone else.

Interestingly, a lot of the features you liked are not especially popular. They’re not what usually defines “mainstream” attractiveness for men. But who cares what the mainstream thinks?! Below is a list of some of the unique features you found appealing in men.

Unique Features You Like:
More unique than “mainstream” appeal
Very attractive Asian men
Very attractive Hispanic or Latino men
Lean men with pointed chins, rather than the square-shaped chins most like (Huh? It said, and I agreed, that I prefer big guys to lean ones)
Full, oval faces, popular around the world, but not currently popular in the US
Glasses and the sophisticated and smart look that goes with them
You like someone with extra pounds; more to love!

What Is Your Preferred Age Range?

Based on the photos you selected, you are interested in dating men somewhere between ages 20 and over 50. See the graph below for specifics. (Shows preference for over 25.)

How Young Will You Go?

The age of the men you’re attracted to and the age of the men you want to date is about the same.

How Old Will You Go?

With the right combination of features, you may find men over age 45 to be personally appealing. However, you only seem interested in DATING men who are age 45 or younger.

Not Your Type

Men who are “Not Your Type” are not seen as appealing and would typically not be considered candidates for dates or relationships (unless they had other extraordinary qualities). In the test, you picked more men as appealing than you picked as unappealing.

Although you quickly knew who was not appealing to you, there were only a few common features that set them apart. See this short list below. Obviously, you just know what does and does not work for you physically.

Men over age 55
Men under age 25
High “mainstream” appeal, with little unique flair

How Many Women Share Your Taste in Men?

How many other women your age like this type of man? Looking at over 10,000 women in your age group who have taken the test, about 14% are attracted to the same types you are.

The test does take a while, and I wouldn’t try it at all on a dial-up connection. It was sorta fun, but a bit annoying if you (like me) prefer seeing a whole person and knowing something about them rather than just looking at headshots.

I was quite annoyed that their only options are for women attracted to men, women attracted to women, men attracted to women, and men attracted to men. Hello? Some of us need to be able to pick more than one option!

Edit: I went and looked at the women’s photos, but didn’t go through the whole test. There isn’t a butch to be seen in there! Not one! And only one gal who looks a little chubby to me.

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