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I took the Phys­i­cal Attrac­tion Test that the­fer­rett sug­gest­ed. I’m not going to put all the many results here, but it did tell me what I pret­ty much know: I’m attract­ed to bear­like men who are taller than me in the 25 to 45 age range. I like guys who “look smart” and aren’t nec­es­sar­i­ly con­sid­ered main­stream attrac­tive. I seem to have shown some pref­er­ence for dark-haired men with dark eyes, but I don’t think they showed enough vari­ety in col­or­ing for that. They def­i­nite­ly did­n’t have enough guys with long hair! It also thought that I did­n’t like facial hair or bald heads at all, but that’s not so.

Any­body who looked at a pho­to gallery of my for­mer loves would see that I am more than open to being involved with men who don’t fit that mold, but bears do catch my eye imme­di­ate­ly every time 🙂

How You Compare?
Open: You have a more open and accept­ing view of what makes a man hand­some than a lot of oth­er women your age. In the test, you did­n’t pick the most “pop­u­lar” men but instead seemed to focus on your own per­son­al tastes. This does­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly mean that looks are less impor­tant to you than to oth­er women. You sim­ply have a unique set of cri­te­ria and keep your eyes open for spe­cial qual­i­ties that make a man, who may seem ordi­nary to most, extra­or­di­nary to you. See the pie chart below to see how many women fall into picky or open categories. 

A man’s height is extreme­ly impor­tant to some women. Accord­ing to the choic­es you made in the test, you pre­fer to date men who are much taller than you are. In fact, you pre­fer men who are 4 inch­es or more taller.

You seem to like qual­i­ties often found in men some describe as “Bears.” They tend to be big­ger guys, with full roundish or oval faces. Most have beards or some kind of facial hair. Typ­i­cal­ly, you can catch some chest hair peek­ing from under their shirts. Their nice smiles and warm expres­sions make them very approach­able and so hug­gable! About half of all women (49%) say they find these men espe­cial­ly attrac­tive. So, get in line!

Your Favorite Body Types
One body type that seems to appeal to you is sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly called “Endo­morph,” which rough­ly trans­lates into sol­id, stocky guys. He has a thick, mas­cu­line build. Like defen­sive foot­ball play­ers, his big bones, mus­cles, and over­all mass give him a real “pres­ence” in any room. His broad shoul­ders and big arms give great “bear hugs” and con­vey a sense of safe­ty. This is not a guy to mess with. It’s easy for him to gain weight, which he car­ries in his stom­ach and butt typ­i­cal­ly. But you appre­ci­ate real­is­tic-look­ing men and enjoy hav­ing some­thing to hold on to. This type usu­al­ly makes up 3% of sin­gle men and is more com­mon as men get old­er. Telling signs of this body type include wide and curved jaws, round faces, “chub­by cheeks,“ a boy­ish look, a very short and wide neck, plus larg­er legs and butts. Weight varies, but at 5’10” many of these guys will weigh about 275 pounds. 

Oth­er Body Types You Like
Your choic­es sug­gest you also like what sci­en­tists call the “Meso-Endo­morph,” body type. In oth­er words, you like big, stocky guys. If he did­n’t play defense in high school foot­ball, he was prob­a­bly on the wrestling team. He has “big bones,“ which you’ll notice in his wide shoul­ders and thick wrists. He has mus­cu­lar shoul­ders, which are per­fect for rest­ing your head on, and big strong arms to wrap around you. He’s put on some extra pounds, but car­ries the weight well, pri­mar­i­ly across his upper body. You’ll find 5% of sin­gles have this basic body type. Watch for fea­tures like promi­nent square or roundish jaws, oval-shaped faces, big hands, wide waist, nice round­ed butts, plus thick and rel­a­tive­ly short necks. At about 5’10”, this type with this build tends to run about 250 pounds and can put on a few extra pounds rel­a­tive­ly easily. 

Unique Traits
This report high­lights your “unique” tastes, or what makes some men per­son­al­ly attrac­tive to you but not to every­one else.

Inter­est­ing­ly, a lot of the fea­tures you liked are not espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar. They’re not what usu­al­ly defines “main­stream” attrac­tive­ness for men. But who cares what the main­stream thinks?! Below is a list of some of the unique fea­tures you found appeal­ing in men. 

Unique Fea­tures You Like:
More unique than “main­stream” appeal
Very attrac­tive Asian men
Very attrac­tive His­pan­ic or Lati­no men
Lean men with point­ed chins, rather than the square-shaped chins most like (Huh? It said, and I agreed, that I pre­fer big guys to lean ones)
Full, oval faces, pop­u­lar around the world, but not cur­rent­ly pop­u­lar in the US
Glass­es and the sophis­ti­cat­ed and smart look that goes with them
You like some­one with extra pounds; more to love! 

What Is Your Pre­ferred Age Range?

Based on the pho­tos you select­ed, you are inter­est­ed in dat­ing men some­where between ages 20 and over 50. See the graph below for specifics. (Shows pref­er­ence for over 25.)

How Young Will You Go? 

The age of the men you’re attract­ed to and the age of the men you want to date is about the same. 

How Old Will You Go? 

With the right com­bi­na­tion of fea­tures, you may find men over age 45 to be per­son­al­ly appeal­ing. How­ev­er, you only seem inter­est­ed in DATING men who are age 45 or younger. 

Not Your Type

Men who are “Not Your Type” are not seen as appeal­ing and would typ­i­cal­ly not be con­sid­ered can­di­dates for dates or rela­tion­ships (unless they had oth­er extra­or­di­nary qual­i­ties). In the test, you picked more men as appeal­ing than you picked as unappealing.

Although you quick­ly knew who was not appeal­ing to you, there were only a few com­mon fea­tures that set them apart. See this short list below. Obvi­ous­ly, you just know what does and does not work for you physically. 

Men over age 55
Men under age 25
High “main­stream” appeal, with lit­tle unique flair 

How Many Women Share Your Taste in Men?

How many oth­er women your age like this type of man? Look­ing at over 10,000 women in your age group who have tak­en the test, about 14% are attract­ed to the same types you are.

The test does take a while, and I would­n’t try it at all on a dial-up con­nec­tion. It was sor­ta fun, but a bit annoy­ing if you (like me) pre­fer see­ing a whole per­son and know­ing some­thing about them rather than just look­ing at headshots.

I was quite annoyed that their only options are for women attract­ed to men, women attract­ed to women, men attract­ed to women, and men attract­ed to men. Hel­lo? Some of us need to be able to pick more than one option!

Edit: I went and looked at the wom­en’s pho­tos, but did­n’t go through the whole test. There isn’t a butch to be seen in there! Not one! And only one gal who looks a lit­tle chub­by to me.

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