Spoiled Children

The TAGMAX list has discussed “spoiled children” and whether they exist lately. I think I’m very much in the minority. It seems to me that most of the parents there want to excuse damn near anything their kids do with “well, he/she’s gifted.” GAH!

Anyway, this just came in a WebMD newsletter, and I thought it timely.

Is Your Child Spoiled Rotten? Experts tell parents how to decode the spoiled child.

One definition given is “they lack discipline, are manipulative, and are generally bothersome.”

Another passage says:

Whatever one’s primary definition of spoiled is, arguably, there are children who could use a bit more discipline. They usually find it hard to share, wait their turn, appreciate what they have, and accept that they cannot always get their way.

Life, for these kids, is often difficult, says Schmitt. “They are constantly in a tug of war with their environment,” he explains. “They keep smashing into walls because they are living in a world that’s different from the real world.”

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