Homeschooling and “Religious Fanatics”

Why I Homeschool My Children
by Drucilla Blood

Five years ago, I was sitting in my kitchen with a friend of mine from Alaska. She was mother of a bright 4 year old, and a beautiful 7 month old baby. I had a nearly 2 year old boy. We were talking about motherhood and choices and somehow we stumbled into the topic of education. My friend mentioned that she wanted to homeschool her children.

“You want to do WHAT?” I asked, incredulous.

“I want to homeschool,” she responded, evidently accustomed to the kind of base incredulity I had exhibited.

“Why on earth would you want to do that?” I said. “I thought homeschooling was only for religious fanatics.”

She looked me in the eye, this radical friend who I had grown to admire and respect in our thus-far brief relationship, and said, simply “I am a religious fanatic.”

I said no more. It sunk in fast. In this day and age where education means learning to take the hard knocks of the world sitting down (preferably behind a desk) and learning to stand in line and take orders, I supposed I was also a religious fanatic. I started to do some research.

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