Medicaid Application

Oh—I had to go apply for Medicaid today. I know that I don’t qualify, but I have to have a letter saying so for one of the drug companies’ patient assistance programs. So after class today, I went to the Cobb DFCS office which handles adults (you have to know which one, and they aren’t very helpful about such things until you get to the wrong place and wait for a while).

The woman didn’t want to give me an application. I mean, seriously—I would have thought that the applications would simply be sitting there for anyone who needed them. But oh no, you have to go through the gatekeeper. And she didn’t want to give me one, because she was sure that I’m not disabled and couldn’t possibly qualify.

I’m assertive, to put it mildly, when I’m feeling up to it. And I was today. So I got my application, filled it out, and gave it back to her with a sugary Southern Baptist Good Girl smile. She might have thrown it away after I left, but if I don’t hear something soon I’ll raise a stink.

I’m sure the bitch had absolutely no authority to turn people away who just want an application—I mean, there’s a whole approval process for a reason, yes? So how many people who DO qualify get bullied away at that window?

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