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Mar­velous article—thank you for the point­er, bib­li­o­girl: When you’re doing some­thing active with some­one who is fat Class went well. I got out an hour ear­ly because I did­n’t need the basic HTML tuto­r­i­al. There are two projects, each of which counts for 35% of our grade for the semes­ter. The first is anoth­er group project—ick. […]

Done & To-Do

So far today: Cleaned fridge & freez­er (with Katie’s help) Vac­u­umed Dust­ed Swept & mopped hard floors Cleaned laun­dry room Cleaned kitchen Cleaned liv­ing room Clean­ing din­ing area Cleaned our room Done & put away laun­dry Ran & unloaded the dish­wash­er Now I’m off to scrub down the mas­ter bath­room and get a show­er. I still want to: Orga­nize the shelves […]

New Journal

Okay&mdas;instead of mak­ing an erot­i­ca fil­ter, I made a new jour­nal, felis­lu­nae. I may post prose or poet­ry and I might talk about sex­u­al issues in gen­er­al, includ­ing those that touch on D/S. It’s very like­ly that some sex­u­al abuse sur­vivor stuff will come up there, as well. I’ve added the peo­ple who asked to be […]

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