Late Thursday Update

Right. I’m home now 🙂

The day was even less productive than I expected. The doctor’s office, for the second time in a row, changed my appointment time without telling me. It was supposed to be at 11:45—that’s what’s on the card they gave me when I was there last time. I arrived and was told that no, it was at 10 am, so I missed it. The card didn’t matter, nope, they just changed it and I suppose I was to know psychically. They certainly did NOT tell me that when they called me yesterday to confirm the appointment! So I have an appointment tomorrow with a new doctor on THIS side of town so I don’t have to drive to Snellville. That’s better anyway. Maybe they’ll have someone with A Clue on staff in this office‐though I’m not holding my breath. When you won’t pay decent wages for office staff, you tend to get what you pay for.

I was having lots of pain (still am, really), so Sam chauffeured me around town today—he’s such a sweetie. We found some possible storage solutions for the office supplies and got some supplies for finishing up some framing.

The piano tuning took forever, but the piano (the one I grew up with) sounds better than ever! And yes, alicebunnie, he was good. I tried playing the piano for the first time since the feeling started coming back in my left hand. I do believe I can start relearning now 🙂

Sam finally got his old files from the baby Mac—yay! The poor little thing is a tiny dinosaur, and we don’t have the equipment (or want to put the money into it) to put it on the network.

We went by Office Depot, where a nice lady consented to have me try a new Palm cradle and power supply. Nope, my PDA still won’t power up, so we’ll ship it back for repair tomorrow.

We did other things, um—oh yeah! We returned R’s drum & bell kit that has been leased for the last three years to the music store since his mother says he won’t need it at his new school.

I thought we were gaming this Saturday, but we may be going to the filk at surrdave‘s house instead.

I’ve read most of the South Beach Diet while hanging out at bookstores. I think I’ll check it out of the library, copy the recipes, and try it.

Why am I finding pits in the cherries in my yogurt? Ewww! And I have a skeeter bite on my left hand, right where the thumb and index finger meet. It’s driving me NUTS!

Edit: Piano tuner is Mark Kearns, 770-466-6727 or 770-635-9145, email deeprpl @

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