Late Thursday Update

Right. I’m home now đź™‚

The day was even less pro­duc­tive than I expect­ed. The doc­tor’s office, for the sec­ond time in a row, changed my appoint­ment time with­out telling me. It was sup­posed to be at 11:45—that’s what’s on the card they gave me when I was there last time. I arrived and was told that no, it was at 10 am, so I missed it. The card did­n’t mat­ter, nope, they just changed it and I sup­pose I was to know psy­chi­cal­ly. They cer­tain­ly did NOT tell me that when they called me yes­ter­day to con­firm the appoint­ment! So I have an appoint­ment tomor­row with a new doc­tor on THIS side of town so I don’t have to dri­ve to Snel­lville. That’s bet­ter any­way. Maybe they’ll have some­one with A Clue on staff in this office-though I’m not hold­ing my breath. When you won’t pay decent wages for office staff, you tend to get what you pay for.

I was hav­ing lots of pain (still am, real­ly), so Sam chauf­feured me around town today—he’s such a sweet­ie. We found some pos­si­ble stor­age solu­tions for the office sup­plies and got some sup­plies for fin­ish­ing up some framing.

The piano tun­ing took for­ev­er, but the piano (the one I grew up with) sounds bet­ter than ever! And yes, alice­bun­nie, he was good. I tried play­ing the piano for the first time since the feel­ing start­ed com­ing back in my left hand. I do believe I can start relearn­ing now đź™‚

Sam final­ly got his old files from the baby Mac—yay! The poor lit­tle thing is a tiny dinosaur, and we don’t have the equip­ment (or want to put the mon­ey into it) to put it on the network.

We went by Office Depot, where a nice lady con­sent­ed to have me try a new Palm cra­dle and pow­er sup­ply. Nope, my PDA still won’t pow­er up, so we’ll ship it back for repair tomorrow.

We did oth­er things, um—oh yeah! We returned R’s drum & bell kit that has been leased for the last three years to the music store since his moth­er says he won’t need it at his new school.

I thought we were gam­ing this Sat­ur­day, but we may be going to the filk at sur­r­dave’s house instead.

I’ve read most of the South Beach Diet while hang­ing out at book­stores. I think I’ll check it out of the library, copy the recipes, and try it.

Why am I find­ing pits in the cher­ries in my yogurt? Ewww! And I have a skeeter bite on my left hand, right where the thumb and index fin­ger meet. It’s dri­ving me NUTS!

Edit: Piano tuner is Mark Kearns, 770–466-6727 or 770–635-9145, email deep­rpl @

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