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AP arti­cle:
Prac­ti­tion­ers of ‘polyamory’ look for sup­port at Uni­tar­i­an convention

I’m not sure why they put polyamory into quotes. It’s a per­fect­ly rea­son­able word. It’s unfa­mil­iar­i­ty to some peo­ple does­n’t inval­i­date it. If that were the case, most sci­en­tif­ic and many med­ical terms would have to go into quotes.

As if I need­ed any fur­ther rea­son to dis­like the FRC, they had to get their lit­tle swipe in:
“I think polyamory is a fan­cy way of say­ing ‘sleep­ing around.’ For this denom­i­na­tion to even dis­cuss it is an attack on the fam­i­ly. And this type of lifestyle would cer­tain­ly put chil­dren in jeop­ardy,” said Kristin Hansen, a spokes­woman for the con­ser­v­a­tive Fam­i­ly Research Coun­cil in Washington.

Of course, there’s not any expla­na­tion of how the fact that some of us love more than one per­son is an attack on “the fam­i­ly” as an insti­tu­tion. Or how we’re putting kids in jeopardy—ohmigod, they might have more lov­ing adults in their lives! There isn’t any­thing on the FRC’s web­site about it, either. I’m tempt­ed to write to them, but I’m sure I would­n’t get a straight answer anyway.

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