Noisy Neighbors

I learned how to use the autodial feature so that I can call the apartment complex more easily. That isn’t honestly something I ever anticipated.

I fully expected to have some adjustments to make when we moved to an apartment.

I’m a very private person. I’ve spent most of my life in single-family housing, and I like it that way. We made a conscious decision to move to an apartment to save money to buy a house of our very own. I think I’ve spent a total of 12 months of my life at the very most living in apartments before now, and during both periods I spent most nights with SOs anyway. I’ve lived in duplexes for maybe another 12 months, and in one of those, I never had a moment of trouble (in any mundane sense) with having someone on the other side of the building.

Hearing other people moving around does bother me. Feeling a presence that isn’t part of my family bothers me. I’ve worked on that and can deal with it better now, especially since I know that there’s a reason for being here and we’ll only be here for a year, maybe two.

Unfortunately, the people upstairs cannot understand that their floor is our ceiling. And they have a largish 3-year-old who isn’t subject to any limits—or any recognizable schedule. greyknight, goddessinga, curiousmay9, jupitercornwall and isarma can all attest to the fact that it frequently sounds as if there is an energetic pony up there. The kid is running around, jumping off furniture, throwing something, etc. at all hours of the day and night.

The day doesn’t normally bother me SO much, but today things were falling down here because of the ruckus! And many times, the running, jumping, and stomping has continued well past midnight. That’s on weeknights.

The official complex policy is that if neighbors are being noisy, we aren’t supposed to try to speak with them or let them know we’re unhappy. We’re supposed to call the cop who lives here and have him deal with it.

Sam attempted to deal with this the nice way. He’s gone upstairs and been friendly. He’s given them gentle reminders. Last night at about 1 am the reminder probably wasn’t all that gentle. In any case, none of it is working.

So last night we started calling the “courtesy officer” instead. I don’t know that he actually did anything. Today, I’ve called the property manager’s office about five times. NOW, finally, they’re sending the courtesy officer over, because whoever is at home upstairs hasn’t been answering the phone all day.

I feel like a bitch, but I really think the complaints are justified.

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