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We sur­vived medi­a­tion. The Guardian ad Litem sug­gest­ed that we come to a tem­po­rary agree­ment allow­ing the chil­dren to vis­it their moth­er in Cal­i­for­nia for the sum­mer, and we worked out the details with help of the mediator.

I do not envy that woman her job. She has an incred­i­ble amount of patience!

Sam and I are both worn out. It took much longer than the esti­mat­ed two hours, and end­ed up cost­ing mon­ey that was­n’t bud­get­ed, which isn’t a good thing (espe­cial­ly dur­ing mov­ing). But we have a tem­po­rary agreement.

I had a chance to speak to Sam’s ex-wife’s part­ner for the first time while we were wait­ing. He seems a very nice fel­low and lat­er asked Sam about pos­si­bly chat­ting about game design with him some oth­er time. The four of us briefly dis­cussed gar­den­ing while wait­ing for the mediator.

Ide­al­ly, all four of us would be able to com­mu­ni­cate ami­ca­bly as need­ed regard­ing the chil­dren. I think that would cer­tain­ly be in their best inter­ests. My ex-hus­band and I were able to do so with Katie’s father and step­moth­er. I know that our will­ing­ness and abil­i­ty to co-par­ent was extreme­ly good for her, and it made many things far sim­pler than they would have been otherwise.

I sug­gest­ed that we all get togeth­er for a meal some­time. I don’t think she liked the idea, but I don’t know her well and might have sim­ply mis­read her expression.

I final­ly got past some of the finan­cial aid has­sles at school, though when the actu­al loan checks will come is still a total mys­tery. I was “advised” today via phone—I real­ly like my advi­sor. I should be able to reg­is­ter via their web sys­tem now, but it won’t let me. Blech. Mon­day, then. And class­es start Tuesday.

The advi­sor says I don’t need any intro to com­put­ers class­es, just a pro­gram­ming class. That’s a wee bit scary. Because of the finan­cial aid delays, the online class I want­ed is full, so I’ll have to take it in the meat world. I have to take at least 12 semes­ter hours to be a full-time stu­dent. He warned me that it’s going to feel like 18 hours because of the sum­mer semes­ter com­pres­sion effect. I guess two few­er kids dur­ing that peri­od might be a benefit!

He also said he’ll put me in touch with the gen­tle­man who can give me cred­it for the pub­lic speak­ing course, to see if the TV inter­views I’ve done can be used instead of actu­al­ly tak­ing that class. Yay!

With medi­a­tion run­ning longer than planned, we did­n’t get over to the new apart­ment today. We’ll go first thing tomor­row morn­ing instead. I need to mea­sure the apart­ment in detail so that we can plan out where all the fur­ni­ture goes. Sam wants to do it in Visio this time instead of my tra­di­tion­al graph paper. I sor­ta like phys­i­cal­ly mov­ing around my lit­tle fur­ni­ture mod­els, but I’ll let him have his fun.

I need to neat­en up a lit­tle before the gamers arrive. We’re out of dish­wash­er deter­gent, which is annoy­ing. Hope­ful­ly, Sam will remem­ber to get some while he’s out!

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