No-PC Evenings

My sambear is on his way home by way of the grocery store. I always look forward to the time when he gets home, but in the last week of our “experiment” evenings have been even nicer. So we’ve decided to continue it—after Sam gets home, neither he nor I will be using PCs. We’re tweaking it, though—neither will the children, as we largely saw the backs of shadowkatt and real_pochacco‘s heads during the evenings last week.

Apparently someone thought that I had decreed that we wouldn’t be using the PCs in the evening. No, I can’t take credit for that one. For one thing, I don’t make decrees about other adults’ behavior, and Sam is most certainly an adult. He wanted to try the experiment, and he asked me to do it with him, and I agreed. And we’ve both been happy with the results. We’re already a very TV-light household, and without the hum of the PCs, there are far fewer distractions from more creative pursuits or (gasp!) conversation among family members. I do, however, expect that the older kids will be vying for the phone line more now in the evenings, wanting to chat with their friends the old-fashioned way.

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