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Piracy funds terrorism. No, really—Microsoft and the MPAA say so, so it MUST be true! I expect arrests of all us nasty P2P network users any moment now.

Oh—Spartacus Educational looks like an interesting history resource. I’m posting the link so that I won’t lose it and for the benefit of the other homeschoolers and information packrats out there.

I noticed this article on WebMD because I know several people dealing with bipolar disorder: Bipolar Disorder: Two-Sided Trouble: The public’s understanding of bipolar disorder is often flawed, especially when it hits celebrities.

The boy didn’t make it to detention this morning because he absolutely refused to get out of bed. Refused. Over an hour of prodding, and he just wouldn’t get up. sambear is averse to, say, tossing him off the bed physically as his own father did to him. So we’ve already had a phone call from the principal this morning. A lovely way to start the day!

He also went to school wearing an interesting selection of clothes because he didn’t do his laundry and didn’t bother to take his dirty clothes down to the laundry room where they would have been washed with the rest of the family’s clothing. He was clad in clean clothing—he just looked, um, interesting. Yep, I think that’s the word.

littlefirefae also refused to get up, and had to be driven to school. She isn’t sick. No, she was quite perky when she was finally upright. She just wouldn’t get up.

sambear and shadowkatt are still sick, so he is still home from work and she missed her normal day of volunteer work yesterday. I’m coughing from time to time, especially if I talk on the phone (I don’t know why it’s worse to talk on the phone than any other way—I drink less water? I hate phones? I dunno.) I do NOT want to have this crud. No no no no!

We did go to the doctor yesterday with both girls, and shadowkatt had her physical for Girl Scout camp. Yay! That’s another thing crossed off the to-do list.

It’s always interesting answering the “what grade is she in?” question, especially with people who just don’t “get” homeschooling. She would be in 6th grade if she were attending public school. All of her academic work is well above the level of anything our county, at least, does in the 6th grade. Or, for the most part, 7th or 8th grades. Yes, the easy answer would be to say “6th grade” but I don’t like to do that. I use it as an opportunity to raise awareness regarding homeschooling, instead.

Homeschooling also gives her freedom she’ll be enjoying next week—traveling to Florida with her grandparents to spend time with her cousins during their spring break.

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