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There was a UFies post today refer­ring to a post at a site I’ve nev­er seen before, Aspec­tus, pur­port­ing to list 50 things girls wish guys knew. I dis­agreed with lots of them—so did oth­er women. 

I also agreed with some of them, but I would­n’t clas­si­fy them as “girl” things. They’re “peo­ple” things. They just refer to treat­ing someone—anyone—decently.

But I could­n’t help but won­der if there are actu­al­ly things that are tru­ly “girl” things. And I’ve thought. And thought more. And you know, all the things I’d want any­one to know aren’t nec­es­sar­i­ly applic­a­ble to all or even most women. I’m fair­ly cer­tain the same would be true for any­one, male or female. Humans are just too com­plex for these kinds of generalizations.

So why do peo­ple keep mak­ing those damned lists? They aren’t, in all hon­esty, fun­ny. This par­tic­u­lar list was­n’t intend­ed to be funny—but I just don’t find most of them any more than very mild­ly amus­ing. So why?

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