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Disaster Planning

Receiving this email from our church isn’t giving me warm fuzzies. Thankfully, it does say “for what we think is an unlikely possibility.”

Georgia Emergency Management Agency has recommended for schools that they keep on hand enough food and water for 24 hours. This recommendation presumes that immediately after a disaster roads may be impassible for a period of time.

At (church) we have considered a worst-case scenario of disaster striking on Sunday morning during services. We have no place to store food and water for 450 people for what we think is an unlikely possibility. So we are recommending that people store a supply in their cars. Such a portable stash would give people additional coverage for the possibility of being stuck in traffic in a mass evacuation or just in regular Atlanta traffic.

Of course, we hope that such measures are never needed, but a temporary supply of food and water seems a reasonable precaution.

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