Netflix and Visits

I real­ly did­n’t think I’d ever use Net­flix. I’ve seen too damned many pop-up ads from them.

But SOMEBODY gave us an actu­al DVD play­er for Christ­mas so that we aren’t using the Playsta­tion II as one any­more. And then sam­bear start­ed tin­ker­ing with Net­flix, and now I’ve spent too long there, and, um—well, this could be dangerous.

I’m not a big movie per­son, but the chance to see old episodes of Doc­tor Who is great. And they have a lot of Stan­dard Deviants titles, which are won­der­ful. And Joseph Camp­bel­l’s Pow­er of Myth? I’m there.

nae­sa is going to resize the pat­tern for the cos­tumes the Try­bal­a­ka women are wear­ing for our Jan­u­ary per­for­mance so I can wear it! YAY! She’s so sweet! And we get to kid­nap god­dessin­ga and Son and Lit­tle Miss for the week­end! AND sweet Alice is com­ing over tomor­row! Add in gam­ing with mique_mique tonight, and I might just explode! I could real­ly use some greyknight time in there, though—hint hint!

I need to fin­ish up the house and get dressed and run to the phar­ma­cy to pick up some RXs.

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