Need a Truck

We need help. Any of you Atlanta-area folks have a vehi­cle that could trans­port a queen-sized mat­tress, and time to help us today? Our mat­tress is extreme­ly worn out. It’s bad. Some­one has a good mat­tress she will give us if…


I absolute­ly love the fact that we can see the Astron­o­my Pic of the day on LJ now—apod. Take a look at the one yes­ter­day. Isn’t that gorgeous?

They Take What?

U.S. Com­bat Pilots on Speed is scary. I know per­fect­ly well that stim­u­lants have long been used in the mil­i­tary, but why the hell are they still using amphet­a­mines when modafinil is avail­able? Yes, it’s damned expensive—but it can’t be…

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