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I just spoke to _starrgirl_ and she’s on the way over now with the twins, who are out of the hos­pi­tal. YAY!

It was a very busy weekend.

Sat­ur­day we saw rasilio and _starrgirl_ briefly so sam­bear could nota­rize some paper­work for them.

Sat­ur­day after­noon we head­ed up to Athens to game with god­dessin­ga and greyknight. We had a bit of a fend­er-ben­der on the way, but we got there. The com­pa­ny was so pleas­ant that gam­ing did­n’t actu­al­ly hap­pen, but no com­plaints here! We have to get sleep next vis­it, okay guys?

Sun­day morn­ing was spent eat­ing the deli­cious break­fast god­dessin­ga made for us—homemade bis­cuits! YUM!—and play­ing with the kidlets. The new boys are sweet­ies, and we always enjoy see­ing Nic and Lit­tle Miss.

We got home and imme­di­ate­ly left (a bit late, unfor­tu­nate­ly) to spend the afternoon/evening with A. The more time I spend with her, the more impressed I am. She’s a Renais­sance woman! And sexy as all get-out, too. (Oops—did I say that out loud?) In any case, I hope to keep build­ing a friend­ship there. I feel some­what intim­i­dat­ed, though, because she’s just so incredible!

Katie begged to be allowed to spend anoth­er night with her friend and is still there—with the dog. I miss my baby. R & G will be com­ing home today from their vis­it with their moth­er, but aren’t here yet, so the house is very, very qui­et. Well, except for three cats who are very unhap­py about not hav­ing their humans around for most of two days, and feel­ing incred­i­bly needy. I blame any typos on their inces­sant need to walk on the key­board and try to get me to stop typ­ing and PET ME NOW DAMMIT!

I’m pay­ing for the lack of sleep with far more pain and stiff­ness today, and a migraine is try­ing to invade. I’m wom­an­ning the bat­tle­ments to fight it off. But the evening was well worth everything 🙂

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