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We went out to get Katie’s new history book at Borders—she whipped through the last one. And on the way, got a call from rasilio saying that _starrgirl_ is having contractions. So we turned around, went over and got Jackson, then went to Borders. The Gwinnett Border Pagans were still there but it’s been several years since we’ve attended so I didn’t recognize anybody—and the store was about to close, so we didn’t try to pop over and chat.

sambear is attempting to get Jackson to sleep. Not an easy thing. sambear is a saint. I’m about to go take my turn. I’m excited about the imminent arrival of the twins!

I ran out of my sleepytime medicine last night, so I don’t know that I’ll do a lot of sleeping tonight. We have a field trip planned tomorrow that Katie really wants to attend and though I’m not sure it’s a toddler-friendly thing we’ll just try to forge ahead. I am hoping I get some sleep, though.

We’ve got two guys scheduled to come over Sunday morning to help move things around and go get the piano from my parents’ place—but one of them is rasilio, so that’s looking rather less likely now. Don’t some other local fellows want to come get sweaty? Pretty please?

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