So we’ve been kittened. Out of the blue. No warning at all. One minute there’s one cat in the house, and a cute kid rings the doorbell and before you know it there are three.

They’re brothers, about six weeks old and marvelously cute and active and all that. One is white with a pale orangey-pink tail and ears and paws, like the point markings on a Siamese (the father is Siamese). He has blue eyes, too, but he definitely isn’t deaf. The other is white with grey tabby-striped splotches. sambear noted that he looks like a blank canvas on which someone started to paint TomTom, our dearly missed kitty of a few years ago.

It was far too terribly tempting to adopt their two sisters, as well. Kittens are just too irresistible. But One Kitten is Not Too Many!

Many pictures have been taken, but they aren’t digital. We’ll have to try snapping some with the webcam.

No names yet. Naming pets can take an incredibly long time here. I don’t think Zoë had a name for several weeks and she ended up with an official moniker of Zoë Elizabeth Scheherazade Sophia because that’s the only way we could arrive at a consensus. But maybe it’ll be easier this time.

Shelley is NOT happy. Zoë is confused, but she spends much of her life that way. The girls are on cloud nine and I think R likes them too.

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