Friday Five

Friday Five
1. What is the sick­est you’ve ever been?
Oth­er than chron­ic ill­ness or recov­er­ing from surgery kinds of things, prob­a­bly when I had mononu­cle­o­sis at about 15. I actu­al­ly felt too crap­py to even read for the first week or so—sleeping or star­ing at walls/ceilings was about all I could manage.

2. Do you still keep in touch with any friends from high school? Details.
I’m occa­sion­al­ly in touch with two girls from high school, but I can’t say that we’re friends any­more. One of them was a pret­ty close friend until she got mar­ried in the ear­ly 90s, though.

3. Were you a naughty child? Did you get in a lot of trou­ble? Did you know the prin­ci­pal real­ly well because he/she was your Pal?
I most­ly got in trou­ble for stuff I was accused of but did­n’t do or for things my sib­lings did (my par­ents knew who did them—I got in trou­ble along­side them because I was the old­est and they thought I should have been wher­ev­er broth­er and sis­ter were to keep them out of trou­ble). I final­ly got rebel­lious some­time in mid­dle school and start­ed doing a lot of things I knew they’d hate (not just because they’d hate them—because that’s what I want­ed to do), since I knew I’d get the pun­ish­ments any­way. They nev­er caught me at the stuff I real­ly did, though. I’ve always thought that was rather funny—and I try to keep it in mind as a par­ent, too.

I was pret­ty well-behaved in school for the most part ’til high school, and then I most­ly just did­n’t get caught. I was­n’t doing any­thing harm­ful to any­one else (or even to prop­er­ty) at any time, either. Actu­al­ly, come to think of it, I did get kicked out of a dance for “dirty dancing”—but it was at a neigh­bor­ing high school, and my school refused to pun­ish me for it. And I got in trou­ble on an all-dis­trict band trip in 9th grade, but so did just about all the oth­er first-chair play­ers (it was quite a par­ty there at the motel). The band direc­tor found him­self between a rock and a hard place. If he report­ed us, we’d get suspended—and he’d lose all of his best peo­ple right before a com­pe­ti­tion. His com­pet­i­tive side won, and we just did extra “tutor­ing” time with the low­er-lev­el band for a while as a consequence.

The only time I got sent to the prin­ci­pal’s office was by a freako 6th grade Eng­lish teacher who did­n’t like my fresh-from-Alaba­ma accent. The prin­ci­pal laughed, bought me a Coke, and let me hang there for a while to be away from Mrs. Nor­ma Owens, then called her in for a meet­ing. She nev­er has­sled me about the accent again (but I quick­ly man­aged to get rid of it any­way, unless I’m around oth­er peo­ple with sim­i­lar accents).

4. When is the last time you cried? Why did you cry?
I can’t remem­ber at the moment. I cried dur­ing a D&D game back in Jan­u­ary, I think? Because my char­ac­ter is so real to me and sam­bear’s plot did some­thing tru­ly nasty to her fam­i­ly. I’m sure I’ve cried since then, I just can’t remem­ber it.

5. City Mouse or Coun­try Mouse?
Sub­ur­ban girl, myself. I like to be NEAR all the cool stuff in the city, but I want a big yard and trees and so on.

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