Poem: They Sit Together on the Porch

They Sit Togeth­er on the Porch by Wen­dell Berry From A Tim­bered Choir They sit togeth­er on the porch, the dark Almost fall­en, the house behind them dark. Their sup­per done with, they have washed and dried The dishes–only two plates now, two glass­es, Two knives, two forks, two spoons–small work for two. She sits with her hands fold­ed in her lap, At […]

Poem: Canary

Canary –Rita Dove From Grace Notes Bil­lie Hol­i­day’s burned voice had as many shad­ows as lights, a mourn­ful can­de­labra against a sleep piano, the gar­de­nia her sig­na­ture under that ruined face. (Now you’re cook­ing, drum­mer to bass, mag­ic spoon, mag­ic nee­dle. Take all day if you have to with your mir­ror and your bracelet of song.) Fact is, the inven­tion of […]

Poem: To Hold

To Hold –Li-Young Lee From Behind My Eyes So we’re dust. In the mean­time, my wife and I make the bed. Hold­ing oppo­site edges of the sheet, we raise it, bil­low­ing, then pull it tight, mea­sur­ing by eye as it falls into align­ment between us. We tug, fold, tuck. And if I’m lucky, she’ll remem­ber a recent dream and tell me. One […]

Poem: The Journey

The Jour­ney –Mary Oliv­er From Dream Work One day you final­ly knew what you had to do, and began, though the voic­es around you kept shout­ing their bad advice— though the whole house began to trem­ble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. “Mend my life!” each voice cried. But you did­n’t stop. You knew what you had to do, though the […]

Poem: Catechism for a witch’s child

Cat­e­chism for a witch’s child –J.L. Stan­ley When they ask to see your gods your book of prayers show them lines drawn del­i­cate­ly with veins on the under­side of a bird’s wing tell them you believe in giant sycamores mot­tled and stark against a win­ter sky and in nights so frozen stars crack open spilling streams of molten ice to earth and tell […]

Poem: There is a land

There is a land – a Moth­er­land of vast imag­i­na­tive spaces and absolute belong­ing her open heart a deep well where all draw and drink freely and ful­ly the waters of life, where we meet unknown imme­di­ate­ly rec­og­nized neigh­bors share the water wan­der togeth­er through imag­i­na­tive spaces with paths of poten­tial to our trans­formed tomor­row today yes scorched land here and there but not […]

Poem: Nine Spice Mix

Nine Spice Mix –Zeina Azzam This spice mix is fea­tured in many of the dish­es in this book, lend­ing them a unique­ly Pales­tin­ian fla­vor. —Reem Kas­sis, The Pales­tin­ian Table First they tan­go on my tongue, nim­ble cou­ples careen­ing, then togeth­er form an Arab-style line dance step­ping, stomp­ing, sway­ing. West Indies all­spice daz­zles, berries tan­gling with cin­na­mon sticks, while […]

Poem: Sunday

Sun­day –Ceci­ly Parks  So this is Sun­day evening under the live oak behind the kitchen where the Rose of Sharon spills pur­ple tea onto the grass, the yel­low bells sound yel­low alarms from tall stalks, and the sun­flow­ers peep over the fence into the street where car tires lap at the pave­ment and walk­ers and jog­gers and dogs […]

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