Poem: Götterdämmerung

Göt­ter­däm­merung –Rita Dove From On the Bus with Rosa Parks A straw reed climbs the car anten­na. Beyond the tint­ed glass, gold­en waves of grain. Gol­ly! I can’t help exclaim­ing, and he smirks— my born-again nat­u­ral­ist son with his souped-up lap­top, dear prodi­gy who insists on dri­ving the two hours to the jet he insists I take. (No tur­bo­props for this old lady.) […]

Poem: Death By Wind

Death By Wind –Ger­ald Stern From Save the Last Dance As for those who face their death by wind and call it by the weird name of for­give­ness they alone have the right to mar­ry birds, and those who stopped them­selves from falling down by hold­ing the wall up or the sink in place they can go with­out much shame for they […]

Poem: Yellow Glove

Yel­low Glove –Nao­mi Shi­hab Nye From Yel­low Glove, reprint­ed in Words Under the Words: Select­ed Poems What can a yel­low glove mean in a world of motor­cars and gov­ern­ments? I was small, like every­one. Life was a string of pre­cau­tions: Don’t kiss the squir­rel before you bury him, don’t suck can­dy, pop bal­loons, drop water­mel­ons, watch TV. When […]

Poem: What Is There Beyond Knowing

What Is There Beyond Know­ing –Mary Oliv­er From New and Select­ed Poems: Vol­ume Two What is there beyond know­ing that keeps call­ing to me? I can’t turn in any direc­tion but it’s there. I don’t mean the leaves’ grip and shine or even the thrush’s silk song, but the far-off fires, for exam­ple, of the stars, heav­en’s slow­ly turning […]

Poem: Morning on the Island

Morn­ing on the Island –Car­olyn Forché From The Nation 290:15, 19 April 2010 The lights across the water are the wak­ing city. The water shim­mers with imag­i­nary fish. Not far from here lie the bones of conifers washed from the sea and piled by wind. Some morn­ings I walk upon them, bone to bone, as far as the light­house. A […]

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