Poem: In Several Colors

In Sev­er­al Col­ors by Jane Keny­on From Col­lect­ed Poems Every morn­ing, cup of cof­fee in hand, I look out at the moun­tain. Ordi­nar­i­ly, it’s blue, but today it’s the col­or of an egg­plant. And the sky turns from gray to pale apri­cot as the sun rolls up Main Street in Andover. I study the cat’s face and find a trace […]

Poem: Myth Dispelled

Myth Dis­pelled –Adam Poss­ner, M.D. The flu vac­cine can­not give you the flu, I tell him. It’s dead virus, there’s noth­ing alive about it. It can’t make you sick. That’s a myth. But if we bury it in the grassy knoll of your shoul­der, an inch under the stra­tum corneum, as sanc­tioned by your sig­na­ture in a white-coat­ed cer­e­mo­ny presided […]

Poem: For the Bird Singing before Dawn

For the Bird Singing before Dawn –Kim Stafford Some peo­ple pre­sume to be hope­ful when there is no evi­dence for hope, to be hap­py when there is no cause. Let me say now, I’m with them. In deep dark­ness on a cold twig in a dan­ger­ous world, one first lit­tle fluff lets out a peep, a war­ble, a song—and in […]

Poem: Love and Life

Love and Life by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester All my past life is mine no more; The fly­ing hours are gone, Like tran­si­to­ry dreams giv­en o’er, Whose images are kept in store By mem­o­ry alone. The time that is to come is not; How can it then be mine? The present moment‘s all my lot; And that, as fast as it is got, […]

Poem: the earth is a living thing

the earth is a liv­ing thing –Lucille Clifton From Col­lect­ed Poems of Lucille Clifton is a black sham­bling bear ruf­fling its wild back and toss­ing moun­tains into the sea is a black hawk cir­cling the bury­ing ground cir­cling the bones picked clean and dis­card­ed is a fish black blind in the bel­ly of water is a dia­mond blind in the […]

Unvaccinated People Increase Risk for Vaccinated People

I can’t say that I’m sur­prised. Remain­ing unvac­ci­nat­ed increas­es risk to the vac­ci­nat­ed, says U of T COVID study Peo­ple who are unvac­ci­nat­ed against COVID-19 not only place them­selves at greater risk of get­ting infect­ed by the virus, but also increase the infec­tion risk of those around them who have rolled up their sleeves for a […]

Poem: I Don’t Know What Will Kill Us First: The Race War or What We’ve Done to the Earth

I Don’t Know What Will Kill Us First: The Race War or What We’ve Done to the Earth –Fatimah Asghar so I count my hopes: the bum­ble­bees are mak­ing a come­back, one snug tight in a pur­ple flower I passed to get to you; your favorite col­or is pur­ple but Prince’s was orange & we both find this […]

Poem: Good Grief

Good Grief –KB Brookins after the 2021 Texas Win­ter Storm I’ll admit that I’ve nev­er thought about frost­bite. Trau­ma of the blood, a thing to be avoid­ed when heat goes out for an entire state. I don’t know where to place this grief, this swel­ter­ing state freez­ing, politi­cians breez­ing over to a coun­try that doesn’t have […]

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