Pain Stigma

Those of us who suffer chronic pain face a great deal of stigma. This paper addresses that stigma. Pain, objectivity and history: understanding pain stigma

Poem: In Several Colors

In Several Colors by Jane Kenyon From Collected Poems Every morning, cup of coffee in hand, I look out at the mountain. Ordinarily, it’s blue, but today it’s the color of an eggplant. And the sky turns from gray to…

Poem: Myth Dispelled

Myth Dispelled –Adam Possner, M.D. The flu vaccine cannot give you the flu, I tell him. It’s dead virus, there’s nothing alive about it. It can’t make you sick. That’s a myth. But if we bury it in the grassy…

Poem: Love and Life

Love and Life by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester All my past life is mine no more; The flying hours are gone, Like transitory dreams given o’er, Whose images are kept in store By memory alone. The time that is…

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