Poem: Mr. Chairman Takes His Leave

Mr. Chair­man Takes His Leave –Rose­mary Cat­aca­los As to me, I know of noth­ing else but mir­a­cles. —Walt Whit­man en memo­ria William Rashall Sinkin, 1913–2014 Whit­man, you once told me, is democ­ra­cy on the page, messy and imper­fect as we are in real life, which gave you hope  that we would one day make real life true democracy, […]

Poem: April Chores

April Chores by Jane Keny­on When I take the chilly tools from the shed’s dark­ness, I come out to a world made new by heat and light. The snake basks and dozes on a large flat stone. It reared and scold­ed me for rak­ing too close to its hole. Like a mad red brain the invo­lute rhubarb leaf thinks its way up through loam. […]

Poem: A Modified Villanelle for My Childhood

A Mod­i­fied Vil­lanelle for My Child­hood –Suzi F. Gar­cia            with some help from Ahmad I wan­na write lyri­cal, but all I got is mag­i­cal. My book needs a poem talkin bout I remem­ber when Some­thing more auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal Mi famil­ia want­ed to assim­i­late, noth­ing rad­i­cal, Each month was a strug­gle to pay our rent With food stamps, so dust […]

Poem: The Dark Night (XVIII)

The Dark Night (XVIII) –May Sin­clair Our love is woven Of a thou­sand strands— The cool fra­grance of the first lilac At morn­ing, The first dew on the grass, The smell of wild mint in the wood, The pun­gent and earthy smell of ground ivy crushed under our feet; Songs of birds, songs of great poets; The leap­ing of the red […]

Poem: pity this busy monster, manunkind

pity this busy mon­ster, manunkind –e. e. cum­mings pity this busy mon­ster, manunkind, not. Progress is a com­fort­able dis­ease: your vic­tim (death and life safe­ly beyond) plays with the big­ness of his lit­tle­ness — elec­trons deify one razor­blade into a moun­tain­range; lens­es extend unwish through curv­ing wherewhen till unwish returns on its unself.                            A world […]

Poem: Gratitude List

Grat­i­tude List –Nao­mi Shi­hab Nye Thank you for insult­ing me. You helped me see how much I was worth. Thank you for over­look­ing my human­i­ty. In that moment I gained pow­er. To be for­got­ten by the wider world and the right­eous reli­gious and the weaponized sol­diers  is not the worst thing. It gives you time to dis­cov­er your­self. * Lemons. Mint. […]

Poem : Blue Like That

Blue Like That –Ger­ald Stern She was a dar­ling with her ros­es, though what I like is laven­der for I can dry it and noth­ing is blue like that, so here I am, in my arms a bou­quet of trag­ic laven­der, the whole his­to­ry of South­ern France against my chest, the fields stretch­ing out, the armies killing each oth­er, horses […]

Poem: High, Higher, Highest

High, High­er, High­est Samuel Hazo Viewed from space, the world’s imper­son­al.                      France appears, but no French­men.                                           Then Ger­many, with­out one Ger­man.                                                     Regard­less, the rich­est man on earth pays three hun­dred thou­sand for a ten-minute flight by rock­et at three thou­sand miles per hour to see every­thing below from six­­ty-two miles straight up. He’s mak­ing busi­ness plans for space, beginning […]

Poem: Gifts

Gifts Kirk Wil­son I kept my life in a small room with pale blue walls and brought it back lit­tle presents from the world This is for you I would say This is for you Some­times the gifts died in my hands and often I could not pay the price of their redemp­tion I could nev­er be sure they were appre­ci­at­ed or how much they wanted […]

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