Review: Junkyard War by Faith Hunter

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First finish of the year! And what a finish it was. This book wraps up Shining Smith’s story with a bang. The fact that it came out shortly after Faith Hunter wrapped up the Jane Yellowrock series with Final Heir makes me really curious about what Hunter will publish next.

Shining goes to war against Clarise Warhammer in this volume, and when Shining goes to war, she commits fully. All the allies we’ve met in the two earlier books are along for the ride, especially the cats.

One of my favorite things about this series is the way the cats are portrayed. Each has a distinct character, and they’re true to their feline natures. They most definitely are not tame or pets, but they are their own beings.

The tech Hunter posits in these books is intriguing, as well. It never gets in the way of the plot, but it does add flavor.

I was hesitant to start reading this series when the first volume, Junkyard Cats was released. I don’t generally listen to fiction books. I like reading them, and I use my Audible credits for non-fiction. I love Hunter’s work, though, so I took a chance on these, and I’m glad I did. When the ebook version of Junkyard Cats was released, I went back and read it, enjoying it all over again. It’s rare that I re-read anything, so you know it was wonderful. I have the ebooks of Junkyard Bargain and now Junkyard War to look forward to!

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