Bad News

Damn Fox! Damn them damn them damn them! They canceled Firefly. There is, however, a move afoot to get it picked up by another network. Current Mood: 😡angry


YES! Finally, the Firefly pilot episode will be shown! Friday, December 20 from 8-10pm on Fox. Please watch it! This is the only TV show I bother to watch at all any more. It’s wonderful! Current Mood: 🙂excited

Lots of TV!

I am SO ridiculously spoiled. There are two things coming on at 9 pm that I want to tape—Angel and Alias. Only one of the VCRs does the commercial avoidance thing, and I’m annoyed that I’ll have to manually forward…

Not Something I’m Sorry to Miss

Katie is watching a show she taped last night while eating her lunch. It’s called A Walk in Your Shoes or something like that. Two teens from very different backgrounds switch places. This one has Miss Teen Illinois switching places…

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