SBQ: Stitching habits?

This week’s Stitch­ing Blog­gers Ques­tion is: Since you start­ed blog­ging, have you noticed any dif­fer­ence in your stitch­ing habits? Tell us about them. Blog­ging has­n’t real­ly changed my stitch­ing habits, but I haven’t got­ten to know a great many oth­er stitch­ing blog­gers — yet :-)  When that hap­pens, though, I expect that it may have the same effect […]

Why have a web site at all?

Or at least, why put such per­son­al infor­ma­tion out there on the net for the world to see? I had pre­vi­ous­ly said some­thing on my main page about the net being the great­est van­i­ty press ever invent­ed, and I still think of it that way. It has giv­en an unprece­dent­ed num­ber of peo­ple not just […]

In process

I’m going to be trans­fer­ring all the pages from their cur­rent loca­tions into the blog for­mat while updat­ing them. That means you’ll be see­ing some old stuff and new stuff, a series of arti­cles, and stand­alone pages. Depend­ing on how much updat­ing a par­tic­u­lar arti­cle takes, there may be a bunch on one day, or […]


Katie showed this blog to Mali­ka, facil­i­ta­tor of the wom­yn’s writ­ers group, today. Mali­ka sug­gest­ed that we might want to add an FAQ, for those who aren’t famil­iar with home­school­ing. I’ve decid­ed to start by updat­ing and mov­ing over the infor­ma­tion that was on my site, so as to keep all the home­school­ing info […]

Blog feeds on LJ redux, blathering about blogging

Ok—my blog is now on LJ, again, as ene­my­ofen­tropy. Fibrant Liv­ing can be read at fibrantliv­ing. Juliann point­ed out that there was­n’t a link to reg­is­ter to com­ment on the FL blog. D’oh! No won­der I was so lone­ly over there! It’s there now, at the TOP of the mid­dle col­umn, in a larg­er font […]

Further Up the Curve

Well, I tweaked this theme to make it “mine” but I’m not quite hap­py yet—we’re try­ing to remem­ber what fonts were used to make the head­er graph­ic years ago so we can re-do it while main­tain­ing some con­ti­nu­ity. And I think the Fibrant Liv­ing lay­out theme is dis­tin­guish­able enough from The Beau­ty With­in that I […]

Hello, World!

Final­ly! It’s only tak­en us about 4 months from the deci­sion to use a blog to keep up with what we’re doing in our home­school endeav­ors in a pub­lic way (for ben­e­fit of the rel­a­tives) to actu­al­ly get the site up! Hap­pi­ly, we had­n’t men­tioned that inten­tion to said rel­a­tives. So Hi, y’all! Looky here! Unlike our […]

Announcement: New Podcast and Blog, Fibrant Living

You are cor­dial­ly invit­ed to vis­it the grand open­ing of Fibrant Liv­ing, the only pod­cast to focus on liv­ing a full, joy­ous life despite fibromyal­gia, chron­ic fatigue, or oth­er chron­ic ill­ness­es.  You can find Fibrant Liv­ing and its com­pan­ion blog at The feed is at, or avail­able on LJ as fibrantliv­ing. Fibrant Living […]

Facial Recognition Meme

Swiped from evawhit­ley. I agree this thing gives some odd results. I gave it the user pho­to for this post first, with flat­ter­ing results. The accu­ra­cy esti­mate ranged from 60% to 53% for Bebe Neuwirth, Pene­lope Cruz, Melanie Grif­fith, Kristin Kreuk, Alyssa Milano, Char­l­ize Theron, Rachel McAdams, Eva Lon­go­ria, Cindy Craw­ford, and Joan Cusack. I […]

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