My paid LJ account is about to expire, and I’m not feeling any anxiety about it. There are far more important things to pay for. Yeah, I’ll miss the extra icons and the simple URL, but I’ve been trying to move to my blogs anyway. They’re syndicated here.

Oh – if you comment on the syndicated entries here, I never see your comments 🙁 I love your comments and want to read them. Comments = Positive Feedback. Please, please, pretty please – go to the blog to comment! No registration is required or anything!

I keep tinkering with Enemy of Entropy’s layout. I love being able to add little thingummies here and there—random quote generators, a list of my current cross-stitch projects, a Flickr badge full of photos of Katie. I add or remove some little thing just about every day.

Oh! I hit my Flickr upload limit for the month! I can’t believe it! After having an account for who KNOWS how long (forever, it feels like) that’s a first, I was uploading photos of Katie. That’s really the only thing that could do it (that or cat pictures). I was shocked that Katie was hitting her upload limit so quickly before she got a pro account, but now I’m doing it. I was jealous of the ability to do sets, though…

I was kinda pulled into using Flickr more because of the Stitching Bloggers Questions of the Week. Some of the other SBs post photos with almost every entry, which I like. So I did one photo to go with a post for one week. And then there was another the next week. And now I’m hooked, so much so that I had to put the photos for this week on my Zooomr account.

I’d like Zooomr more if they had toys as Flickr does, but apparently, most of those Flickr toys were developed by users. So as they get more users, there will probably be toys. Go, go! Join! Free Pro accounts are still available!

Yahoo! Answers is the focus of my current little burst of enthusiasm, so there’s a badge for it on my blog. I get an inordinate amount of happiness from getting an email from the system saying one of my answers has been chosen as the “best answer” to some question.

The other blogs’ layouts are more settled and more serious. Enemy of Entropy is my playground. We have an actual sandbox blog, where we try out different themes and plugins and so on in a test environment, but this is MY blog where I can have fun.

I think I’ll go put stuff in the Now Reading database and add it to the sidebar now.

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