Any Knitters Who Like Graphic Novels?

ciannait linked to Handknit Heroes yesterday.

Imagine you’re a teenager, and you have some special powers. Maybe even superpowers. And one day, at a sleepover, your best friend in the whole world tells you you’re not alone. So begins the adventure for a couple of teenagers, a single mom and yarn shop owner, and a whole bunch of hand-knitted fun.

Handknit Heroes is the first graphic novel for knitters. Each issue features a great storyline with knitting superheroes, terrific artwork, and a beautiful (and easy) knitting pattern.

I’m vastly amused and neither knit (yet!) nor read graphic novels. I know that hopeevey does both, though, and I figure there are probably others.

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5 thoughts on “Any Knitters Who Like Graphic Novels?

  1. Hello! Thanks so much for mentioning/posting the link!

    I’m biased, since I write and publish Handknit Heroes. However, reviews so far have been very positive– both for the concept and for the execution.

    I link to reviews, shout-outs, and mentions on the updates page of the ComicKnits website: if you want to go take a look– I link all mentions as I find them, not just the positive ones. Also, I posted a videoblog yesterday giving an overview of the comic book and what’s so cool about it (that’s linked from the update/ page as well).

    It has a good storyline (my completely, totally biased opinion), great artwork, and a really beautiful, easy-to-knit pattern by Erssie Major. We publish 4 times a year.

  2. Truth be told, I’m not very familiar with the comic book genre, so I’m having a hard time connecting with the plot or coming up with talking points about the issue. However, I will say that I am thrilled with the concept and the execution, since I think it’s a really cool way of combining knitting with other hobbies. It’s just another of the ways that knitting is integrating itself with the rest of people’s cultural interests. Who says needlework is for grannies? Who says your knitting and literary interests have to be separate? The possibilities are endless!

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