Date Night Happiness

My sweetie had to run a bunch of errands before he got home last night, which shortened our date a bit. Groceries were needful, though. We had some delicious deli-style sandwiches after he got home, so there wasn’t a kitchen mess to deal with, too.

I think we watched an episode of West Wing while eating. We’re on the fifth season after Aaron Sorkin left the show, and it just doesn’t compare to the previous seasons at all. I haven’t even bothered to watch all of them, although Sam has. He catches me up on any important plot details I’ve missed between episodes.

The girl went out for her regular Wednesday night fun, which was also nice. It’s easier to have “date night” at home when we know she’s also having fun.

Much of our game was taken up with political stuff, and a nice surprise of 32 new proto-demons that my character’s minions were able to shape into full demons of needful types. She has many minions, which is marvelous. Oh, have I mentioned that she’s the Demon Queen now? Interesting sideline for a high priestess of a good deity.

I would really, really hate to have to do a character sheet for Seauclaire. She’d be so multi-classed that it makes my head hurt just to think about it. It’s nice not to deal with such things anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Date Night Happiness

  1. It really sounds like this game has transcended system, in a very organic sort of way.

    And Yay! for date night 🙂

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