Testing Post2Blog

I’m play­ing with Post2Blog, which is the Give­away Of The Day. It seems inter­est­ing so far, although I don’t think I’ll be able to make my Word­Press to LJ cross­post­ing work. (I’m just post­ing to LJ at the moment for a first test.) 

It does, annoy­ing­ly, have a sep­a­rate win­dow for HTML as opposed to the default post edit­ing win­dow, which must be the dread­ed “rich text edi­tor.” Ugh. Gimme my HTML straight, okay?

It does not, pro­vide options for choos­ing LJ user icons, moods, and the like. On the oth­er hand, it sup­pos­ed­ly sup­ports darn near every blog­ging plat­form I’ve ever heard of, and it will run from a USB device.

You’ve got less than 12 hours left to down­load, install, and try it for free instead of pay­ing $39 if you’re interested.

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