They’re STILL here!

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Wait – did I mention it? No, because I was trying not to whine.

We’ve had contractors here for weeks and weeks, repairing the bathroom that was sliding into the crawl space.

No, really. I have pictures. The floor was falling in, and the toilet and sink were sliding in from one side, the tub from the other.

There had been a crack on one of the tiled walls that was poorly repaired before we moved in. Someone had tried to fill the crack with grout. That crack started opening wider and wider, then we realized it was because the floor was getting lower beneath it.

Turns out there was a long-time water leak in one of the walls that led to structural damage. That got together with a whole lotta cracked floor beams, and thus we had the dance of the porcelain entities.

Anyway, that doesn’t explain why the contractors are still here after weeks. Especially why they’re here on a Saturday, and want to return tomorrow. Much less why they didn’t show up at all yesterday (or call to say they weren’t coming), then called at about 6:45 while we were out having dinner to let us know they were on the way to grout the floor tiles. Right then.

The head guy sounded sincerely surprised when I said no, and stuck with the no. Maybe that’s a normal Friday night for him, but it isn’t my idea of a good time. Sam and I went on with our evening, much to the contractor’s dismay. So they’re here today, instead. And will be here tomorrow morning. And maybe Monday, too.

I’m making allowances for them finding a lot of unknown damage and having to sister most of the beams under the living room and kitchen. I’m also noting that Mr. Bigshot didn’t see that damage when he did his inspection, so he didn’t do a very good job of it.

Yesterday’s lack of timeliness is typical, though. There have been several days in a row with absolutely no sign of these guys (when they said they’d be here), and no excuses or explanations when they return. IF I can get hold of them, I’m just told, “You never can tell in this business, man.” You can’t tell what? How late you’ll be out drinking each night? Whether you’ll be too hung over to work ’til 2 or 3pm? Whether you can afford gas to get to work?

In any case, the company won’t get a good reference from as, as you can probably tell. I didn’t hire them, so I can’t fire them–the landlord is in charge there.

I did insist that I’m not cleaning the carpet they soiled, even though they offered me money to do so. My body isn’t up to it.

After they’d hopelessly ruined the carpet, I made sure the landlord knew it–so we’re supposed to get new carpet in the living room and hall, too.

But I really want these guys outta my hair!

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