Why Cyrillic?

Yet again, I’m just going to admit that I am hope­less­ly out of touch and not 133t.

Why do com­mu­ni­ties like Stitch­Home post every­thing in Cyril­lic? I mean, it might real­ly be Russ­ian or some such lan­guage, but I can tell that it uses Cyril­lic char­ac­ters. That’s all I know for sure.

I know some of the pat­terns are scanned in from copy­right­ed mate­ri­als. Do they think to not be noticed this way? I know I’ve run across a fair num­ber of “pirate” sites on Russ­ian servers for what­ev­er reason.

Is this an online sub­cul­ture I just haven’t noticed much? Big cross-stitch pat­tern pirates?

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