For Pila: How to Make Your Own Podcast

I was absolutely delighted to receive phone comments from Pila this weekend! I’ll play them in the next podcast.

Pila also asked about how he would go about getting started with doing his own podcast, so I’ll put on my TechnoMom hat and try to answer that here.

I took advantage of my own in-house expert, Sam, who does The Bear’s Grove, DragonKin, and Bardic Circle podcasts. I know everyone isn’t that lucky, though.

Some of the links here have gone 404. I’ve written a new article on the topic myself, so I’ll just send you there.

Wikipedia’s article on podcasting isn’t a bad place to start, just so you definitely have a solid understanding of the various aspects of podcasting. From there, move on to Make Your First Podcast.

I’d add one important detail to that article, though. Where it mentions uploading your files to your server, I’d suggest opening an account with Libsyn instead. They have incredibly inexpensive rates and you won’t ever need to worry about bandwidth issues, as you would on any other server.

If you have any specific questions after reading those articles, please ask them. If I can’t answer, I’ll ask Sam to do so.

Thanks again for the comments, Pila!

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3 thoughts on “For Pila: How to Make Your Own Podcast

  1. Thanks Techno Mom.
    Pila is my name and I probably had a bad cell connecction.So just add a “P” to “ila”
    Thanks to you and your tecno wise family for making it a more pleasureble(sp) day.

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