For Pila: How to make your own podcast

I was absolute­ly delight­ed to receive phone com­ments from Pila this week­end! I’ll play them in the next podcast.

Pila also asked about how he would go about get­ting start­ed with doing his own pod­cast, so I’ll put on my Tech­noMom hat and try to answer that here.

I took advan­tage of my own in-house expert, Sam, who does the The Bear’s Grove, Drag­onKin, and Bardic Cir­cle pod­casts. I know every­one isn’t that lucky, though.

Some of the links here have gone 404. I’ve writ­ten a new arti­cle on the top­ic myself, so I’ll just send you there.

Wikipedi­a’s arti­cle on pod­cast­ing isn’t a bad place to start, just so you def­i­nite­ly have a sol­id under­stand­ing of the var­i­ous aspects of pod­cast­ing. From there, move on to Make Your First Podcast.

I’d add one impor­tant detail to that arti­cle, though. Where it men­tions upload­ing your files to your serv­er, I’d sug­gest open­ing an account with Lib­syn instead. They have incred­i­bly inex­pen­sive rates and you won’t ever need to wor­ry about band­width issues, as you would on any oth­er server.

If you have any spe­cif­ic ques­tions after read­ing those arti­cles, please ask them. If I can’t answer, I’ll ask Sam to do so.

Thanks again for the com­ments, Pila!

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  1. Thanks Tech­no Mom.
    Pila is my name and I prob­a­bly had a bad cell connecction.So just add a “P” to “ila”
    Thanks to you and your tec­no wise fam­i­ly for mak­ing it a more pleasureble(sp) day.

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