Hey, You — Yes, You, All You GLBT People

If we were speak­ing face to face, I’d feel more com­fort­able say­ing some­thing out­ra­geous to get your atten­tion, but it’s late and I don’t know some of you in “real life,” so I’m play­ing it safe.

If you haven’t heard about Quest for Quo­tid­i­an: A Study of non-het­ero­sex­u­al fam­i­ly cul­ture, it’s past time for you to go read about it and do the sur­vey. It’s on the up and up, it’s real research, and it’ll do us all good. 

There have been absolute­ly no respons­es from peo­ple in cer­tain states. That’s bad. Yours is prob­a­bly one of them. Seriously—I know that some of you live in some of those states. You can spend 2035 min­utes doing a sur­vey. Please?

Anony­mous ques­tions are wel­comed and will be answered by the author at his blog, also called Quest for Quo­tid­i­an.

You can do the whole thing total­ly anony­mous­ly. If you want to enter the draw­ing for a prize, but want to be fair­ly anony­mous, go set up a new, “clean” email address with one of the free ser­vices first.

Tell oth­ers about it, too!

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