The postman brought a mysterious box from celticdragonfly and selenite—sweet Valentine’s surprises for all of us! I’ll try to get pictures later. Thank you! I’m all squeal-y now 🙂 Current Mood: 🙂surprised

Poetry: Love Poem

Love Poem –Linda Pastan From The Imperfect Paradise I want to write you a love poem as headlong as our creek after thaw when we stand on its dangerous banks and watch it carry with it every twig every dry…

I Like This One

February 17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day February 14 to Feb 20, 2005 – Random Acts of Kindness Week From The Multicultural Calendar I’m thinking of ways to celebrate. Going to school puts me in contact with far more…


As I stood before the gates I realized that I never want to be as certain about anything as were the people who built this place. –Rabbi Sheila Peltz, on her visit to Auschwitz

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