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I’m doing home­work while vac­u­um­ing. Ain’t it great?

The win­dows are open—well, all the ones shad­owkatt and I CAN open—because the bug killer was just here. I don’t remem­ber the smell both­er­ing me before, but maybe bron­chi­tis has me more sen­si­tive than usual.

It’s obvi­ous­ly time to remind the clean­ing crew that there’s a rea­son their most metic­u­lous team was assigned to my house. Yes, every chair must be moved every time. Every. Sin­gle. Chair. Dog fur col­lects around every bit of fur­ni­ture, and there’s no oth­er way to real­ly get the floor clean. They also for­got to clean the front of the dish­wash­er. I should prob­a­bly resched­ule them to be here on a day when I don’t have classes.

Much domes­tic­i­ty around here late­ly. Sam and I are actu­al­ly sleep­ing under a com­forter and on nice, new sheets with new pil­lows. I love grand­moth­er’s quilts, but the bed just nev­er looks “made” with them. They’re in the laun­dry now, after which I will store them care­ful­ly and bring them out as need­ed. The bed skirt should be put in place tonight. The new lamps look won­der­ful, too.

Despite their pres­ence on sam­bear’s hon­ey-do list, win­dow treat­ments have not yet been pur­chased. I’m waf­fling. I would real­ly like just the right shade of green, but that’s going to be hard to find. I’d accept char­coal. Black is just too, well, black, across an entire window.

The real nui­sances are the “tank slit” win­dows in our bed­room prop­er. I may bite the bul­let and buy cus­tom blinds to replace the brown ones that came with the house, then use one of those scarf valences to top them. Cur­tains of any sort will sim­ply over­whelm the win­dows. If I use the same sort of scarf to top the sit­ting room win­dows with their cur­tains, they should pull things togeth­er nicely.

The anti­dote to all the domes­tic­i­ty is the sur­round-sound sys­tem that’s also in the bed­room now. We had a TV but need­ed a DVD play­er. The best buy came with a sim­ple sur­round-sound sys­tem. Sam is very hap­py. I think the TV is dying, though, so that’s going to have to be replaced, too.

The speak­ers are mount­ed on those shad­ow-box shelves. I’ll put look-at-mes on the rest of the shelves.

I want the speak­er wires cov­ered, though. I don’t like see­ing them. There’s a longish stretch of wall where there’s not real­ly a way to tuck the wires along the floor or oth­er­wise cam­ou­flage them. I’m solic­it­ing ideas for fix­ing that.

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