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I’m doing homework while vacuuming. Ain’t it great?

The windows are open—well, all the ones shadowkatt and I CAN open—because the bug killer was just here. I don’t remember the smell bothering me before, but maybe bronchitis has me more sensitive than usual.

It’s obviously time to remind the cleaning crew that there’s a reason their most meticulous team was assigned to my house. Yes, every chair must be moved every time. Every. Single. Chair. Dog fur collects around every bit of furniture, and there’s no other way to really get the floor clean. They also forgot to clean the front of the dishwasher. I should probably reschedule them to be here on a day when I don’t have classes.

Much domesticity around here lately. Sam and I are actually sleeping under a comforter and on nice, new sheets with new pillows. I love grandmother’s quilts, but the bed just never looks “made” with them. They’re in the laundry now, after which I will store them carefully and bring them out as needed. The bed skirt should be put in place tonight. The new lamps look wonderful, too.

Despite their presence on sambear‘s honey-do list, window treatments have not yet been purchased. I’m waffling. I would really like just the right shade of green, but that’s going to be hard to find. I’d accept charcoal. Black is just too, well, black, across an entire window.

The real nuisances are the “tank slit” windows in our bedroom proper. I may bite the bullet and buy custom blinds to replace the brown ones that came with the house, then use one of those scarf valences to top them. Curtains of any sort will simply overwhelm the windows. If I use the same sort of scarf to top the sitting room windows with their curtains, they should pull things together nicely.

The antidote to all the domesticity is the surround-sound system that’s also in the bedroom now. We had a TV but needed a DVD player. The best buy came with a simple surround-sound system. Sam is very happy. I think the TV is dying, though, so that’s going to have to be replaced, too.

The speakers are mounted on those shadow-box shelves. I’ll put look-at-mes on the rest of the shelves.

I want the speaker wires covered, though. I don’t like seeing them. There’s a longish stretch of wall where there’s not really a way to tuck the wires along the floor or otherwise camouflage them. I’m soliciting ideas for fixing that.

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