Why does­n’t SEMag­ic use a log­i­cal tab­bing order?

Any­way, I sup­pose wak­ing at 5 am is the result of hav­ing slept so much over the week­end. It feels weird.

The dog feels a need to greet the world very nois­i­ly as soon as she gets out into the yard in the morn­ing. curiousmay9 walks her on a leash for that first bit of busi­ness, but I was­n’t real­ly think­ing about it. She was out and gone to bay at the woods when I remem­bered the issue. I do hope the neigh­bors want­ed to be up early.

I tried very hard not to wake dra­cofrost (who slept on the couch rather than in the guest room for some rea­son), but Kar­li had to bathe his face to share her joy in the new day. Sor­ry, Josh!

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