Come Make Music With Us!

We’re hosting a housefilk on September 18. We’d love to see any of you who care to join us. I’m excited. Please come play with me!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what filk is. It’s the folk music of science fiction/fantasy fandom, but it’s also “anything sung (played) at a filk.” So if you like making music, or hearing music, come on out.

Please email filk @ for directions. Remind me of who you are if I mostly know you from LJ!

The filk starts at 7 pm on September 18. Anybody who arrives early will be handed cleaning supplies. Residents of the Castle don’t plan to participate in a pre-filk dinner, since we’ll be preparing things here.

There’s a keyboard (not the big fancy sort, unfortunately) set up in the living area, and anyone who wishes to do so is more than welcome to play it. We have a few hand-percussion sorts of instruments as well. Sam would probably be willing to permit someone to use his acoustic guitar if asked.

We have four cats and a very large, long-haired dog in residence. If you’re allergic to them, please take your antihistamines in advance. We’ll vacuum the upholstery and so on, but the hair is pervasive despite our efforts.

All but one pet is very kid-safe. Guests seldom see that cat, as she prefers to hide upstairs.

Smoking is verboten.

The house is NOT baby-proofed, but we love having guests of all ages. We do have ONE Pack-n-Play that can be used for visiting babies who need a place to sleep.

We’ll try to provide a place upstairs for teens to “hang out” and maybe play PS2 games if they want to do so. We live in a quiet area with almost no light pollution, so there have been times when teens choose to roam around outside, even. (No, really!)

If it’s cool enough, we might even move out to the large patio under the trees. If we do so, additional chairs would be appreciated. Lack of lighting would be the issue there, though.

We will provide some finger foods, coffee, iced tea, various hot tea options, and water as well as paper plates, disposable cups, etc. If you bring food to share, please label it with the ingredients for the safety of those with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Crash space is available, although we’d prefer that you let us know in advance if you’ll need it.

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