“If it has the word ‘Christian’ in it, it probably sucks.”

I adore preacher­man­feed. If you don’t read him, you should.

He has been recount­ing his epic strug­gle with a rac­coon in his chim­ney. It is a total hoot and espe­cial­ly enjoy­able to me after our chim­ney strug­gles in 2002.

And then he toss­es in this bit:
Let me give you a hint. If it has the word “Chris­t­ian” in it, it prob­a­bly sucks. Chris­t­ian music—Christian t‑shirts—Christian theme parks—Christian movies—Christian fic­tion. With very few excep­tions, I hate all that crap.

I love it. Even when I was a Chris­t­ian, I detest­ed all the pablum sold as “Chris­t­ian” what­ev­er, because ver­i­ly, most of it did suck. Pow­er­ful­ly. It would nev­er have been manufactured/published/recorded/filmed with the “Chris­t­ian” moniker. Mom had FITS when I made fun of the stuff, though—said I was being sac­ri­le­gious. She did learn not to say, “Well if you can do bet­ter, do it.” Because I could. Okay, I did­n’t try mak­ing movies—but writ­ing or music, hell yes, I could, in fact, do bet­ter than 90% of the crap in a “Chris­t­ian book­store.” When half asleep. As a teen.

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