Sunday Afternoon Already?

Due to sambear‘s bad influence, I’ve fallen into browsing eBay. I haven’t bid on anything. Yet.

However, I’ve decided that if I were to bid, the budget would be in major trouble, if only because of HolyClothing‘s existence.

And on a completely different note, there’s Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars. shadowkatt, you may like some of their items. The tie-dyed children’s clothes reminded me of an outfit Katie had that we bought at Charis many years ago. It was so cute!

Could someone translate “Punk Skater Emo Indie Skirt” into something I might have a prayer of understanding?

polyfrog has me wondering if even I could learn to knit with Knitting for Anarchists.

faebouche just headed off for the next leg of her journey. She’s a sweetheart, and I really enjoy her visits. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling incredibly social this weekend.

I did manage to stay awake long enough to play a pure dungeon crawl game that sambear made up for shadowkatt, faebouche and myself. That was fun. I felt a bit useless, because my rogue character is more of a spy/assassin/social engineer than a sneaking around picking locks and breaking into places gal. But we achieved our objective and didn’t die, so it all worked.

I’m afraid my general grumpiness was evident, though. I was very impatient. Sorry, folks.

I followed popefelixand made my own avatar. I’m already at my userpic limit, and I don’t have a cool name for her like he does. But here she is!

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