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Trash Haulers Again

Hmph. As I call through the 27 possible garbage services listed for our county, I can’t help but think that this is a ridiculous process. The county site does have a list of utility companies, but it can’t tell me which services which part of this fairly large area.

I’d gladly pay for a service that let me plug in the address of the house and immediately get a list of trash haulers, cable and phone providers, which power company provides service, etc. instead of going through this stuff manually.

Aren’t there any realtors who do that? And if not, why not?

Edit: One of the companies that does service the area told me they don’t do curbside recycling pickup because “they separate that at the landfill.” I find it VERY hard to believe that somebody opens every bag of trash and picks out the recyclables, don’t you?

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