Schools & Crime

Guns, drugs, thefts keep school pol­i­cy busy
All of these inci­dents hap­pened in Gwin­nett Coun­ty, where we used to live. I hear a lot of sto­ries that don’t make it into the news because I have sev­er­al rel­a­tives who work in that school sys­tem. (And then they won­der why I home­school shad­owkatt!)

I fail to under­stand why inci­dents that would absolute­ly be report­ed and pros­e­cut­ed as crimes if they hap­pened any­where else are often just hushed up when they hap­pen at school. Okay, I know why it happens—the school offi­cials don’t want peo­ple know­ing just how bad things are in their lit­tle empires. But why the hell do the par­ents allow it? Is it that stu­pid “don’t rock the boat” mentality?

Under­arm shav­ing + antiper­spi­rants or deodor­ants = breast cancer?
Since I’m not about to stop remov­ing hair under my arms or using no-stinky stuff, per­haps it’s time to see how much it would cost to have that laser hair removal treatment.

I’ll be nice and not post these arti­cles, but I real­ly like What to Give Up to Get Love and Need for Val­i­da­tion.

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