For the Record

This is from twfarlan:


I would like to go on the record regarding the following subjects:

1) I do not support the “War on Drugs.” I think it is not only misguided but in fact, poorly planned and executed.

2) I do not support the “War on Terror.” I think it is going to cause more terrorist activity than it will ever suppress. Further, I think it to be laughably conceived and executed, even the slipshod version we have now as opposed to what one might term to be a more applicable solution involving rather larger weapons than we’ve used thus far.

3) I do not support the current Federal administration as it is being chiefed by a moron who thinks a C grade average is something to be proud of and who could not locate Afghanistan on a map, let alone spell it. I yearn for the days when a President would have had to impress the people with his erudition and record of success, not what we have now, where failures, coverups, and choked-back laughter in the face of sheer stupidity are all we can hope for on the campaign trail.

There. Someone call Tom Ridge of Fatherland… I mean Motherland… I mean DAMMIT Homeland Security and let him read this. Yes, according to Mr. Ridge, I too may be a terrorist. (I’m not, but I doubt that means anything.) Do I support replacing the current nightmare with a new regime? Damn right I do, worldwide to boot.

Okay. If I disappear, you all know what happened. Sad that it’s even conceivable in America, isn’t it?

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